United States and Canadian eSIMs

Frequently asked questions about our eSIM for the United States and Canada.

How do I activate my eSIM for the US and Canada?

Activate your eSIM by scanning the provided QR code using your desired mobile phone. Then, simply enable data-roaming. Now you're all set for use throughout North America.

When will I receive my eSIM for the US and Canada?

You will receive your email with your QR code containing your eSIM within 24 hours of ordering,

What if I run out of data while in the US or Canada?

Simply visit our website and order another eSIM and scan the new QR code to reactivate your connectivity.

Does the eSIM include voice calls?

Our eSIMs only deliver data connectivity. If you need to make a call or text when abroad, you should use internet-based apps such as FaceTime/iMessage or WhatsApp.

If voice and text are needed, click here.

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