What are the benefits of using a travel eSIM?

eSIM offers unmatched flexibility and convenience when traveling. Say goodbye to the hassles of a physical SIM card and enjoy the convenience of switching carriers and plans directly on your device.

Dataroam's eSIM offers you one solution regardless of the country you are visiting in Europe. With instant activation upon arrival at your destination, you can concentrate on enjoying yourself with the peace of mind that you will have your mobile data, even if you visit multiple European countries during your visit.

How our travel eSIMs work

  • 1 - Choose your destination

  • 2 - Select your data plan

  • 3 - We'll email your eSIM to you

  • 4 - Scan your QR code and you're set!

Our most popular travel eSIM destinations

Frequently asked questions about our travel eSIMs

When will I receive my travel eSIM?

We will email your QR code within 24 hours of placing your order. Make sure to check your junk email if you haven't received it!

What countries do you offer travel eSIMs?

Dataroam offers eSIM solutions for Europe. To see a full list of the countries we support, click here.

How do I activate my eSIM?

To start using you eSIM, simply scan the QR code that you will have received by email and follow the steps on your phone.

What happens if I change my device? Can I transfer my eSIM?

Once our eSIM has been activated on a device, it, unfortunately, can not be transferred.

What if I am planning to visit multiple European countries during my visit?

Our eSIM will work in every European country. You don't need to even do anything. Just enjoy seamless connectivity and your holiday!

How far ahead of my holiday should I purchase my eSIM?

You have seven days from date of purchase to download your eSIM and connect to a European network, so we recommend a few days before you depart on your trip.  This will allow you time to contact our Support team in the US should you have any questions.  

How long is my eSIM valid for?

From the moment of purchase, you have up to seven days to download your eSIM onto your device and connect to a European network.  Once the SIM first connects to a network, you have up to 30 days to use the selected data bundle. 

Should your trip last longer than 30 days, please contact our Sales Team at +1-214-355-5200 and ask about extended use options, our goal is to keep you connected regardless of how long you will be traveling!